Wednesday, August 1, 2012

O+ (plus) smartphone with Air Shuffle feature was given away by Eat Bulaga

A friend once told me that Eat Bulaga have featured a new Smartphone that can be operated without even touching it and it really got me curious!

 I was wondering if this is a new release of Samsung,Nokia,HTC or any other companies that sells smartphones, but it is not,A smartphone that have an Air Shuffle feature is what an O+(plus) 6.3 is. O+(plus)  is a company that is yet to be introduced in the Philippines and is now on its mark to compete with other local and international smartphone brands.

0+(plus) 6.3 that was given away in Eat Bulaga

This smartphone's current price in the Philippines is P3795  and was said that it will soon hit the Philippine local market and malls in this incoming August 8, 2012.  It got a good price and not to mention its cool Air Shuffle feature but, we might wonder too if what is in this smartphone that makes it worth buying for. 

O+(plus) 6.3 Specifications and Features

  • Browser: Opera 
  • Connectivity: Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Memory:  Memory expandable up to 16GB
  • Camera:  3.2 MegaPixel (can zoom up to 1.5x)
  • Sim:  Dual Sim Capable
  • Battery:  1000mAh
  • Headset/Earphone jack:  3.5mm standard
  • Multimedia: FM Radio, Music Player, Voice Recorder, Video Recorder and Player
Reason: It have a good price for a smartphone that have such specifications annnd the Air Shuffle feature makes it really unique. Though, we still have to observe if this new brand will cater us good quality smart-phones.

So? Is it worth buying or not? 


  1. where can we buy o+ phones here in manila?

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  3. i like this smartphone zero plus, i rate 9 for this mobile phone. where i can buy this phone 0+(plus) 6.3?

  4. Hello Guys I would like to provide you the o+plus fb account

    In there you can see their latest updates regarding their new products!! :D

    Also this is the link where you can buy their great smartphone

    Happy Air SHuffling!! :)

  5. Where can you buy it here in the Philippines and is there any other make and models available.

    1. Hello angel!! You can visit their Facebook Fanpage to see the latest products that they have.. Also you can see the locations where you can buy o+ phones :)) Good Luck!!

      Here is their facebook FanPage ::

  6. Aside from android operating system (OS), O+ plus phone uses their very owned Cannonball Operating System.

    So sa gumawa ng blog na to, change the TBD (To Be Defined) to Cannonball Operating System.

    I am very Sure about the OS of the O+ phone Product.